The Place to Be – Scene 75 First Impressions


Scene 75 Entertainment Center opened this week in Dayton, OH.   The complex located at 6196 Poe Avenue, Dayton, OH 45414 is the “largest indoor entertainment center in the country” and its right here in our backyards.  I got a chance to go check it out yesterday (July 4) and also met the owner, who is a really nice and genuine guy.   Overall, I was extremely impressed with the whole experience and only see it getting better in the months and years to come.

I spent a few hours there on my first visit and really just scratched the surface of all the things to do.  Here are my first impressions of what I did check out.

A little background on me (if you don’t know me already) and why I’m writing this – I am a HUGE fan of arcade games.  I go to D&B once or twice a month just to play Tokyo Cop.   I’m also a big nerd, I used to work at RadioShack and I’ve been known to build my own custom arcade cabinets and tinker with many other video game hardware and electronic mods.   

Laser Tag

This was the first thing we checked out.  I had 5 people with me and it was only a 5 minute wait to get in.  Teams are split into two groups of 11 or 12 people and after a short briefing, you move into a room to get suited up.   Everything looks and feel brand new.   The vests and guns are very modern and lightweight and seemed easy to use for adults and kids alike.

The laser tag is very reminiscent of the old QZAR, which is now Lazer Web.   There are two levels, each team has a base that needs protecting and the lighting, sound and layout make for a great atmosphere.    One aspect that really stands out is that you can see the entire beam when you fire a shot and the guns are very accurate.   Games last 10 minutes and for $8.50 its highly recommended – definitely the best laser tag around.

The Racing Place Indoor Go Karts

The largest indoor go kart track in Ohio and its 5 minutes from my house?  Yes, please!  This was really fun – the karts are electric and quiet but still really fast.  Course is nice and wide with 10 karts racing at a time.   Plenty of staff members were on hand to monitor and assist people if they spin around or get stuck, so its safe for younger people too.   Runs for about 10-15 minutes and costs $8.


You may know this already but I also produce videos, so my mind is always working on how to capture cool things on camera.  I could definitely see some potential with filming things like the go karts or lazer tag with a helmet cam or Go Pro camera to really capture a first person perspective of what things are like at Scene 75.   Which of course makes me think of this awesome video –



Arcade Games

This is one area where I can see a lot of expansion and possibilites because there is still plenty more room for additional games and cabinets.   They already have a nice selection with fan favorites like Air Hockey, Ski Ball and the Hoop Shot – which is great because there is plenty of height to get a nice arc on the ball.  All the other Hoop Shot games I’ve played, even at D&B, I always hit the ball off the top.     They have a really cool classic Pac Man cabinet that I’ve never seen in real life.   Speaking of Pac-Man they have the new four player Battle Royale version that is part of Namco’s 30th Anniversary series.  It’s based off of the Xbox Live Arcade version called Pac Man Championship Edition and I don’t need to check Wikipedia to verify that.   There also some really cool ticket games and lots of fun prizes to win.  Oh and they have a freaking Sonic All Stars racing cabinet.. now if they could only add that rare and elusive Mario Kart cabinet. and Tokyo Cop.  **fingers crossed**

So thats my first impression – you should definitely go check it out.  There was so much more to do too that I didn’t get to.   They have a restaurant inside called Radar’s Bar & Grill, there is a huge bounce house and slide area, a glow in the dark mini golf course and much more.  Whether you have kids or are just a big kid like me, Scene 75 is the place to be.