• Retro Solutions LLC

    David Dudon is the CEO of Retro Solutions LLC and a licensed partner at The CEO Advantage.

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  • Create your business strategy with us

    Retro Solutions provides Business Advisory services, including strategic planning, implementation and executive team building.

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  • Experienced Professional Advice

    Helping You Identify Critical and Actionable Tasks and Getting Them Done.

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  • A different point of view…

    "... working with Dave has allowed me to step outside of my business and look at it from a very different perspective." - Becky Edgren, President/CEO, PuroClean Emergency Services

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  • For tomorrow’s leaders

    The Vital Learning Leadership Development Series is designed to help good employees develop into effective leaders.

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Results-Oriented Guidance

Advice from a disciplined and invested advisor, committed to walking WITH you on your journey to success.

Experienced Professional Advice

Helping you identify critical and actionable tasks and getting them done.

Retro Solutions, LLC offers professional advisory services to companies looking to grow and advance their business. As a certified advisor with The CEO Advantage and an affiliate with Vital Learning, I am passionate about seeing your organization succeed. That means achieving financial goals that impact your bottom line, and it also means developing a healthy organizational structure that fosters productivity, accountability and trust.

My approach does not demand that you base all of your decisions on a number on a spreadsheet, nor does it ask you to ignore figures and statistics in favor of feeling good about the people who work for you. This is about establishing healthy business habits and principles that will mold what your organization becomes.

With my background as a family-business owner, I know how lonely it can be at the top. Often you need a trusted advisor to confide in and discuss critical, confidential issues. My purpose is to be that source.

I believe that well-run organizations can have impact far beyond the products they sell or the paychecks their employees cash. Don’t settle for building a business, build a legacy.

Dave Dudon
Retro Solutions, LLC

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