Production Assistance: CIN Legal Data Services

CIN Legal Data Services – 2010 Fall Campaign from Showdown Visual on Vimeo.


Production Assistance

What exactly is that, you ask? Here are a few of the things I did:

  • Simulated the Moon with an LED lighting kit
  • Configured and balanced a STEADICAM system (I could do this in my sleep or on a boat
  • Created an intricate network of extension cords
  • Ingested and archived all digital video files
  • Rigged DSLR cameras and monitors to various moving vehicles using a triangulated mounting kit.  That Trigonometry class from college finally paid off!
  • Ok here’s my favorite – you know those mounted vehicle cameras I just told you about?  I also drove the truck that the cameras were mounted to.  This requires an extreme level of skill and hand-eye coordination that took over 20 years of video gaming to develop.  Yes I can play the Ocarina.  In real life and on the N64.   Yes, I can drive a boat or small ship.  Have you ever navigated a 30 foot Sea-Ray along the Ontario/Ohio border while trolling fishing rods in the rain with 10 foot waves? Sounds like a nice little weekend to me.
  • Collected field audio and did other “Tech Ninja” things