Special Live Chromatic Radio Broadcast on 5/21 at 10pm

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To celebrate the release of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories on 5/21 (today) Stereo Chromatic will be streaming a special live broadcast from 10pm EST to Midnight via Playing all of our Funk, Pop, Electronic, Hip-Hop and Dance favorites along with some original tunes from local Dayton artists.


We will also be giving away copies of R.A.M. during the show – follow us on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win!

Stereo Chromatic on Facebook

ChromaticStereo on Twitter



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Had a great time testing out some new equipment and recording these demos for Chip James.   If you are remotely interested in high school sports in the Dayton area, check out his blog –


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Production Assistance: CIN Legal Data Services

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CIN Legal Data Services – 2010 Fall Campaign from Showdown Visual on Vimeo.


Production Assistance

What exactly is that, you ask? Here are a few of the things I did:

  • Simulated the Moon with an LED lighting kit
  • Configured and balanced a STEADICAM system (I could do this in my sleep or on a boat
  • Created an intricate network of extension cords
  • Ingested and archived all digital video files
  • Rigged DSLR cameras and monitors to various moving vehicles using a triangulated mounting kit.  That Trigonometry class from college finally paid off!
  • Ok here’s my favorite – you know those mounted vehicle cameras I just told you about?  I also drove the truck that the cameras were mounted to.  This requires an extreme level of skill and hand-eye coordination that took over 20 years of video gaming to develop.  Yes I can play the Ocarina.  In real life and on the N64.   Yes, I can drive a boat or small ship.  Have you ever navigated a 30 foot Sea-Ray along the Ontario/Ohio border while trolling fishing rods in the rain with 10 foot waves? Sounds like a nice little weekend to me.
  • Collected field audio and did other “Tech Ninja” things


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Location Audio Production – Dayton Children’s Hospital

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In January 2012, we were commissioned to capture location audio for a series of videos for Dayton Children’s Hospital.   Edited versions of the video were even shown on local Dayton stations during the 2012 Super Bowl!

Dayton Children’s Medical Center: NICU from Showdown Visual on Vimeo.

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Voice Over Production – Five Rivers MetroPark

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In July 2011, we were commissioned by Showdown Visual to record a voice over for Five Rivers MetroParks.  Watch the finished product below:

MetroParks-Reforestation 60 Sec Spot from Showdown Visual on Vimeo.

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Service Magic Remix

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This remix was commissioned by Building 13 owner, Nathan Gross for Service Magic Inc. and will appear in an upcoming mo-graph marketing video.    The Stereo Chromatic version is a remix of the original “Out on the Town” by Twirl.

Using our unique sampling process, we were able to recreate the song with a new arrangement and additional sections that better captured the desired feel of the video.   Great project, and we hope to work with Building 13 and Service Magic in the future!


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Logic Studio: Star Wars Imperial March (Hip Hop Remix)

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To commemorate the release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray last September, I recorded my own version of the Imperial March Hip Hop Remix.

This quick project was created in Logic Studio using the EXS 24 Sampler.  I created new regions from the original audio file, mapped them to my MIDI keyboard and MPD, mixed in some break-beats and recorded the whole thing “live” in 1 or 2 takes.

I will update this space with a tutorial soon.



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Official UD Flyers Mega-Mix

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In November 2011, Stereo Chromatic LLC was commissioned by the University of Dayton Athletics to produce the official pregame run out mega-mix.   This production is played at UD Arena before every home game as the team is runs out onto the floor for their pregame shoot around.

We were very honored to be selected to produce this mega-mix for the UD Flyers 2011-2012 season.   As a creative agency we are always interested to see what type of response our work gets.  Seeing over 13,000 UD fans on their cheering and feeling the level of excitement this mix creates, lets us know that we got this one right!




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